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Choose Meal Quantities 


Macro-Balanced 7 to 12

7-12 Weekly Meals

This option is perfect for the person(s) seeking a healthier meal choice during the work week. Its often difficult to find healthy choices at or around the workplace. 


Low-Carb 7 to 12

7-12 Weekly Meals

This is a great option for the carb conscious. Low-Carb option can also be a good place to start for Ketogenic or Paleo style dieting. Please reach out with any Paleo of Keto Concerns!


Macro-Balanced 13 to 24

13-24 Weekly Meals

Option 2 is great for the on-the-go person(s). This choice is also nice as a couple's shared weekly meal option for lunches.                                                        


Pre-Cooked Protein

10 to 24lbs Weekly Protein

Do you already prep your meals? If so, we'd like to help you save you some time in the kitchen. Order 10 to 24lbs of cooked protein. Choose from our plethora  of signature flavorings!

DSC08724 (3)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Macro-Balanced 25-36

25-36 Weekly Meals

This tends to be a great option for the busy gym goer seeking 3 high protein meals per day. This can also be a great option for a family for quick grab-n-go option!

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